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Paris is Burning — Foretold!

November 8, 2005

I know my byline sounds like it was torn off the pages of Weekly World News, but it’s just plain accurate in this case. No Nostradamus at work here, but a detailed, absolutely chilling article written in 2002 for City Journal by Theodore Dalrymple about the cite’ ghettos in France that are the flashpoints of the current riots. Dalrymple saw the writing on the wall with stunning clarity. The piece is a hammerblow to the French system and its marginalization of its immigrants, while never falling into easy Marxist rationalization of the heinous criminality that has resulted.

Especially note the prescience of the last several paragraphs where he asks what would happen if the despair and raging nihilism of the young thugs in these neighborhoods was given a focus and purpose by radical Islamism.

The anecdote which closes the article reads like something straight out of one of Philip K. Dick’s dystopian futures.

A must read.

Thanks to my friend Matt for forwarding this to me.

— Duke Ray

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