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November 10, 2005

Here’s two paragraphs clipped from an Associated Press article published just this afternoon:

In the past two nights, there was a notable decline in the number of car burnings — a barometer of the intensity of the country’s worst civil unrest in nearly four decades.

Sounds like things aren’t *too* horrible, huh? But, then, far below that early paragraph, buried ¾ down into the article, are the actual stats:

Arsonists attacked again overnight, the 14th straight day of violence. However, car burnings fell again overnight to 482 from 617 the previous night, Hamon said. The peak in car arsons was overnight between Sunday and Monday, when 1,408 vehicles were torched. The number has steadily dropped every night since then.

One has to imagine what AP’s coverage would be like if these same events were taking place around New Orleans, Louisiana… rather than Paris, France.

P.S. — On a related note, knowing Strange Monkey Doll is all about being “fair and balanced,” check out this heartbreaking piece *from AP* about these awful Parisian cite’s… and say a prayer for the innocents… and the not-so-innocents…

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