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Emergency Campaign to Stop Alito! — Content Free!

November 28, 2005

The other week I came across a Planned Parenthood “call to action” e-mail which makes one wonder — how many times can these activist groups toss out the same cliche’ shibboleths before their funders notice that the big, bad ol’ wolf is merely a mangy piece of fur atop a stick?

Here, with only the “take action” links snipped, is the entire, fact-free case laid out by Planned Parenthood against Supreme Court nominee Judge Alito:

Save Roe! with Planned Parenthood

+ Emergency Campaign to Stop Alito +


Dear [Friend]:

The nomination of Judge Samuel Alito to the U.S. Supreme Court is one of the most serious threats to women’s health and reproductive freedom Americans have faced in years. Planned Parenthood is speaking out to oppose his nomination and protect our right to choose. And we need you to do the same.

Urge your senators to oppose Alito’s nomination.

Planned Parenthood is launching a nationwide emergency campaign to stop this ultraconservative nominee from being approved by the U.S. Senate. We need 100,000 Planned Parenthood members, supporters, and activists to write to their senators in the coming weeks, to send a powerful message to our leaders: This nominee is wrong for the American people.

President Bush has buckled to pressure from extreme right-wing interest groups who want to set the national agenda.

Rather than choose a fair-minded nominee who clearly supports the rights that most Americans hold dear, the president has again divided the country.

Judge Alito has a judicial record of hostility toward women’s rights, privacy rights, and civil rights. He is an unsuitable replacement for retiring Justice Sandra O’Connor. She is a moderate conservative; he clearly is not.

Please help kick off our Emergency Campaign to Stop Alito by taking action right now.

Urge your senators to oppose Alito’s nomination.


Karen Pearl
Interim President
Planned Parenthood Federation of America
On behalf of the Planned Parenthood community

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