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Tod’s Blog Love

January 12, 2006

Welcome any and all readers from Tod Bolsinger’s blog. We’re just getting started around here, but I hope you’ll come back from time to time.

Working out my politics is currently the foremost issue of "working out
my salvation with fear and trembling", but that’s not all I’m about.
I’ve got a lot to say about contemporary worship music and the
intersection of faith and pop culture. My co-blogger "Duke Ray" and I
both work in the film biz, and that will be another focus of this blog.

Many of you probably knew me as the worship leader in the BRICK class
at Hollywood Pres, where I had the honor of working with Tod for many
years. Others might also know me from The Undergrounds, a monthly coffee
house at Hollywood Pres (now at a house in Pasadena). Check out our
next show here. Although Rob and Tod call me Dave, you can call me Count.

I consider my self more of a First Things "Theo-Con" rather than a straight-up party man like Hugh Hewitt, but for many of you that may be a distinction without a difference. Mostly I’m interested in Truth and how we "exegete reality", as well as how our fundamental values are in concert with our politics. I also love to take my dear friend Rob Asghar to task when I feel he gets out of line. He heartily returns the favor.

I believe that blogs can be an excellent place for those with differing opinions to work out their differences. We may not change any minds, but at least at the end of the day we can still maintain respect and even affection for each other. I especially encourage "liberal" readers to chime in. After all, maybe I am an idiot!

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