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Finding Each Other

January 16, 2006

As I have immersed myself in blogs over the past couple of years or so, I’ve realized that an amazing number of the people I am most drawn to are Jewish, often secular. Perhaps that’s because for the most part, I have avoided "God Blogs", choosing to focus on my own church for spiritual direction, and looking elsewhere for guidance and information about the war. As I have stated earlier, it is my observation that most Pastors (at least most Pastors I know) want to stay away from the war topic altogether, choosing rather to focus on issues of personal spirituality.

Interestingly, the psychoanalyst over at Shrinkwrapped has had the opposite experience, discovering that his favorite bloggers, the ones he would come back to again and again, often turned out to be religious Christians. For a secular Jew raised on the New York Times as his family’s Holy text, that has been quite a revelation.

In today’s fascinating post, he takes a look at the psychology of religion, and how "one’s religious belief is intimately related to one’s level of narcissism along with the development of their superego, that part of the mind that integrates one’s conscience [prohibitions and commandments] and one’s ego ideal [the idealization of who one wants to be]."

I’m sure positive views of the War have a lot to do with finding each other, but I’m not sure it could be reduced to merely that. You could make a case I’m sure. I think the issue is larger: the War has merely put into sharp relief issues that could easily be glossed over in the past. And that line has been drawn in a different place than we expected, making for strange bedfellows. I think that’s a good thing for both parties.

Shrinkwrapped is increasingly one of my favorite blogs. Bookmark it and read it when I don’t have much to say. Heck, read it anyway!

P.S. I’ve been busy for the past few days recutting a friend’s film for the Sci Fi Channel. I shall return and answer my critics/friends here.

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