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Feb. 10

February 13, 2006

Friday was my 38th birthday, which went unreported even on my own blog. How sad.

How much sadder is what also went unreported that day:

The silence was deafening and the seats were empty.  The western press was nowhere to be found.  The location was Baghdad and the event was a February 10th, 2006 press conference announcing the final verification of December’s election results.  Although the final allocation of parliamentary seats did not change from last month’s tentative reports, the conference was nonetheless significant for American and Iraqi history.  What was equally significant was the absence of members of the western press.

If the pre-release of the topics to be discussed included reports of widespread voter fraud, complaints by detained terrorists of maltreatment, or a sudden clamoring for the return of the deadly former dictator, certainly, the major news networks and the print media would have found time to attend.  Of course, their reports would have consisted of their own preconceived failure of western-style elections in a part of the world that they deem to be unprepared for democracy.  Since they were unable to report a “disastrous” event of this war, apparently, their budgets did not allow for attendance in Baghdad.

The true significance of this announcement is the underlying theme that the anti-war crowd refuses to recognize:  the war has been successful and there is verifiable progress within the country of Iraq…

Read the whole piece written by Lt. Col. John M. Kanaley, who is stationed in Iraq. I think his argument of media bias in this matter is unassailable; although I would say it’s less out of partisan politcs than the "if it bleeds, it leads" mindset that governs MSM reporting. (Thanks to and more at Dr. Sanity)

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