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Al Qaeda Documents on Austin Bay

February 24, 2006

Austin Bay has some recently translated documents regarding Al Qaeda Operations in Somalia. It’s good to remember that the current mayhem is as much a media war aimed at American civilians as it is on the Iraqis people. Read it all. The al Qaeda member’s analysis is pretty accurate as to American weakness, which is all about perception rather than reality.

Americans did not enter the Somali arena with a clear vision
of the objectives of its presence. Moreover, its vision of East Africa and
the Horn of Africa failed to crystallize. I believe that the buffoon
Clinton was motivated by election considerations and a personal
inclination toward flamboyance, as if for a fleeting moment he believed
the falsehood that he was the leader of the most powerful country in the
These are not just my words. Rather, this is the considered opinion of many
inside America and abroad. What was the result? The result was that our
amazing Corps was equal to America for the first time, but in a limited area –the area of darkness regarding a strategic vision. So how were our
amazing Corps and its starving African Muslim allies able to be victorious
over the greatest power in the world today?

Later this:

The Somali experience confirmed the spurious nature of American
power and that it has not recovered from the Vietnam complex. It fears
getting bogged down in a real war that would reveal its psychological
collapse at the level of personnel and leadership. Since Vietnam
America has been seeking easy battles that are completely guaranteed. It
entered into a shameful series of adventures on the island of Grenada,
then Panama, then bombing Libya, and then the Gulf War farce, which
was the greatest military, political, and ideological swindle in history.
The outcomes were 100 percent guaranteed. Even so, the Americans
brought with them forces from 30 countries to take the blows on their
behalf, should events not turn out the way they were supposed to. In the
end, the Arabs, the Europeans, and Japan paid the costs of the war, plus
America wanted to continue this series of farces. It assumed that Somalia
was an appropriate space for another ridiculous act. But the Muslims were
there—so the great disaster occurred. They fled in panic before their true
capabilities could be exposed.
6. In Mogadishu and Beirut, urban deterrence operations caused the
American forces to flee in a shameful and humiliating manner. Doesn’t’t
this demonstrate the importance of this type of warfare and the need to
develop our warfare capabilities in terms of personnel, training syllabi,
equipment being used, its level of technological advancement,
development of security syllabi, development of security procedures, and
training of competent elements for the security field.
On the subject of security, it should be noted that the enemy’s greatest effort to pursue and eliminate Islamic action has become so dependent on his
security agencies that the military apparatus is gradually being transformed
into something resembling advanced Central Security…

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