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Count Me Out

March 1, 2006

I have about 20-30 unfinished posts floating around in draft mode. I can’t keep up with my own thoughts, much less anyone elses. Besides, I have been commenting on my friend Rob’s newly-named blog, The American Bug. My latest bandwidth-sucking effort is here.

Rob and I shared nearly a decade toghether as youngish leaders and the First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood; only about a year ago or so did we realize that we disagree on almost everything political. Or is it just merely the subject of the War and its subcategories, President Bush and media bias? Or, did we use to agree more, and 9/11 changed us in opposite ways. Whatever it is, I occasionally hit too hard and he goes all Ahmedinejad on me. This time it end up with him accusing me and The Duke of being hypocrites and cowards. I guess he didn’t like Duke’s Oscar Predictions.

I have one more comment left in me for Rob, then I’m going to try to take a break from the explicitly political and focus on other more personal posts for a bit. 40 days to be exact. The world can wait.

OK, that was low, Rob’s not Iranian, he’s of Pakistani origin, but if
you saw him decked out at a USC game, you’d say he’s more all-American
than The Count. His conversion to Christianity puts him in a category of personal risk I will probably never come close to.

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