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Snow Job for Snow

April 26, 2006

It appears that Fox News commentator Tony Snow will be the next White House press secretary. Reader Timmy C., who advises proctological exams for important government jobs, should be relieved that the Washington Post reports the oh-so-relevant fact that although it was a difficult decision,

The last remaining obstacle faded when Snow got the results of a CAT
scan that showed no recurrence of the cancer that forced him to have
his colon surgically removed last year, the sources said.

And later:

The question of whether to take the job — which includes a substantial
cut from his media earnings, to $161,000 — weighed so heavily on Snow
that he lost several pounds in a week. His doctors, who refashioned his
small intestine to function as a colon, had given him the green light
to take the job; one joked that it might give him heartburn but not

They may have also joked that he would obviously be considered less of an A-hole than Scott McClellan. (How long until Mark Steyn makes that joke? And a pun on Snow’s name?).

When I first heard this rumor a few days ago, I thought it had to be just that. Not to mention the controversial line it would bound to create between punditry, reporting and the face of the White House. But Fox News tends to speak for the White House anyway, why not make it official?

I think it could be a very beneficial move for all concerned. Although I had no problem with Scott McClellan, it’s undeniable the White House has suffered from poor communication, which was partly due to his rigid manner. Snow is smart and personable, and understands the journalistic world from the inside. He could make a very positive difference, far more than just putting another new face to deflect unwanted questions from the media.

He’s also said things like this:

"His (Bush’s) wavering conservatism has become an
active concern among Republicans, who wish he would stop cowering under
the bed and start fighting back against the likes of Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and Joe Wilson,"
Snow wrote last November after Republicans failed to win the governor’s
race in Virginia. "The newly passive George Bush has become something
of an embarrassment."

He also told the WaPo that "the lack of spending discipline on the part of Republicans has been
disappointing, and frankly so has George W. Bush’s inability to
understand the
importance of using a veto."

Sounds good to me, especially since it appears that the White House wants a "forceful advocate" and hired Snow with the provision that he would be "not just a spokesman but an active participant in administration policy debate".

This isn’t a press secretary. It’s an image and policy consultant- and probably a good one. Probably better than Karl Rove has been doing in the past couple of years.

Snow has said he wants to be "an advocate for reporters", which, if successful, could help some of the tensions in that room. That’s good for the country. The President may be the decider, but he could really use a better explainer. I hope he’s made the right decision. It can be a pretty tough job.

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