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Don’t Be A Mute Satan

May 9, 2006

A certain Dr. Ahmed Abaddi, Morocco’s Director of Islamic Affairs, made the rounds in Washington this week. More like him, please:

“We need our people to know the real West…to understand that the West ain’t no angel, but it ain’t no demon either,” Abaddi said, attempting a Western accent, at a private dinner in a Washington, D.C., suburb last week. “[This effort] is not a luxury. We are not being pressured to do it. We are trying to train responsible people to live in dangerous times.”“Our world is threatening to destroy itself,” he noted, citing apocalyptic rhetoric coming out of Tehran, Iran’s nuclear program, radical Islamic terrorism, AIDS, and severe global poverty. “Morocco can help bring about peace. I think the Moroccan model is practical and helpful. It communicates an entirely different concept of Islam to the rest of the world….I personally can’t sit back and do nothing. After all, there is an Arab proverb that says, ‘Don’t be a mute Satan.’ I feel compelled to do everything I can to make a better world.”

Rather than blaming Bush and Evangelical Christians for the trouble in the Islamic world, he’s trying to engage them constructively:

They launched an initiative to build a “bridge of friendship” to
evangelical Christians in the U.S., including on-going dialogues with
Richard Cizik of the National Association of Evangelicals, Rob Schenck
of the National Clergy Council, and Josh McDowell of Campus Crusade for
Christ, among others. Abaddi and his colleagues have also invited
pastors and evangelical business leaders to Morocco for conferences and
high-level inter-faith talks, and have even helped organize a series of
concerts in Marrakesh where Christian and Muslim rock bands perform
together for thousands of Moroccan young people.

Muslim rock bands included Megadeth to the West, Armed Imam, The Mosk,  Allah Smack, Saquib and the Banshees and Led Zarqawi. Kick out the jams infidels!

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