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Changes and a Challenge

June 2, 2006

As you can see, I’ve done a little bit of revamping to the site. I’ve updated my “Favorite Bunch” to reflect more accurately the blogs that I actually read these days. I’ve been moving away from the Powerline type blogs to the more essay-based ones like American Digest, Done With Mirrors, Assistant Village Idiot and neo-neocon. The every-day fray of raw politics has worn itself a bit for me, and these sites are more like friends than resources. Interestingly, very few are by Christians. I have no explanation for that except that I like their writing and I go to Church every Sunday for a sermon.

I encourage folks to check out a few links from my “Favorite Bunch” roll. I’m curious to see what folks think of my new “”net friends”. I also highly, highly recommend RealClearPolitics as resource for the best in op-ed commentary, as well as Pajamas Media for a good sampling of what blogs have to offer.

I’ve also turned the tool-tips into fixed text below the link, so it’s easier to see what I’ve written about each blog. They’ve been there from the beginning, now they’re more visible.

That change prompted Rob to bug me about my characterization of Deborah White’s as a “chimpy hater” and her blog as “Breathless regurgitations of DNC talking points by a nice Christian lady”. I’ll respond to that soon.

But the links are there for you, dear reader. Liberals, check out the Gorilla Warriors, Sea & Cappucino Monkeys. Send me links for better sites to add to my Feces Flinger roll. Please. If Kos and Atrios are it, you’re screwed.

Conservatives, check out the (D) roll, but also the Sea Monkeys, especially the Bull Moose, but also David Corn, Kevin Drum and Marc Cooper.

The links I use for my self are in my “Scratch Monkeys” blogroll; recently updated blogs have a <– next to them. It’s a whole freakshow in there. The Count fits right in.

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