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Obligatory Flag Burning Post

July 1, 2006

Gerard has it about right over at  AMERICAN DIGEST.

What this means is that, regardless of the state of the law on this issue, it has become pretty much OK to burn an American flag at will with no immediate consequences. It has been effectively mainstreamed by being argued to death.

This ability to simply wear out the opposition through endless litigation is the "nuke" of the left. It seems that we have become so convinced that the way to solve our disputes is through litigation rather than confrontation that all things can be "allowed" to happen with no immediate consequences. Instead, really awful behavior becomes the excuse for really awful litigation.

Flag burning: the Count is agin’ it. Anti-Flag Burning Amendment: Count is agin’ it. Amount of intellectual and emotional energy the Count will devote to this debate: not much more than this post.

I’ve been working on a short film and doing some serious gardening before I return to work for real in a week. The last round of posts has left me dumbfounded in the emotional heat it has generated. More on that in a bit.

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