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I’m a Uncle Monkey!

November 14, 2006

No, not a Monkey’s Uncle- my sister had a baby last Thursday. No pictures as of yet, but from what I hear, lil’ Stella is a looker just like my own.

It’s been a grueling few months- the worst ever. I see I basically stopped blogging back in August, with only a few writer’s block type posts since then. Much has happened. As I finished up the most grueling job I have ever had- basically a 3 month period with no personal space whatsoever- I passed a few milestones.

Becoming an Uncle is the biggest. But I also realized I have been in my current career as long as my old one. I attended my 20 year high school reunion. I  got another job unexpectedly, which I started Monday. And after 13 years of estrangement, my Father came to visit the area last week. He left this morning. I have only begun to internalize the consequences, if any, of this new situation.

Oh yeah, and the Great Repudiation. Don’t worry folks, I will speak of the Great Repudiation when I’m good and ready. But the personal has eclipsed the political for a season, and that is probably a good thing for me. The short story is I am not as worried as I thought I was going to be. That could be denial at work, but it could be confidence in my assessment of the world, and perhaps even more so my confidence that whatever happens, God is in control.

I had such great posts ready in my mind- but I ran up against the old quandary: live life or document it. I am a miserably slow writer, so I have to learn to go quicker if this blogging will continue. I may be in a place to do that for the next few days. After that, who knows?

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  1. November 16, 2006 10:46 am

    Hi Grec,

    That’s really good news; a niece and a dad all in the same week.

    I agree with you about the election. The election was huge for the Democratic Party, but the consequences for the rest of us shouldn’t be all that bad. I think most people are wrong to believe a President or a small majority in congress can ever make big changes. Both the President and Congress are always tinkering around the edges.

    I would like to see some big changes, but I will need results from more than one election before I recognize a trend that will result in significant changes.

  2. Tim C. permalink
    November 16, 2006 7:12 pm

    Huge congrats Uncle! …and hope the time with your Dad went well…

    I completely understand the state of being so busy — it is a mixed blessing, isn’t it? Be well and pass on my good wishes to the rest of the new family!


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