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Surrender Monkeys

December 7, 2006

OK, this isn’t exactly how I feel but it was too good to pass up, y’know fitting with the theme and all:

Surrender Monkeys

For some serious analasyis check out this take by Robert Kaplan’s reaction at the Atlantic Monthly (subscription required? let me know).

I also value Richard Fernandez’s analysis at Pajamas Media.

I don’t know where I stand exactly. There’s been a lot of words unleashed but what actions will they lead to? That’s the question.

I have a lot of sympathy for the point of view put forth in this uncharacteristically long post from Ace of Spades. That’s what “realism” would seem like to me. The Baker Hamilton report seems more like fantasy to me. Perhaps it will stay in the realm of fantasy and therefore have less damaging effect on the world. Perhaps it will engender some good bi-partisan feelings at the same time. So much the better. But I suspect that it may be what Shrinkwrapped calls “Applied Diplomatic Narcissism“.

I look forward to you comments, and hope to return to blogging at the end of the year.

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  1. Tim C permalink
    December 12, 2006 2:39 pm

    When you mentioned sympathy with Ace of Spades Realism, were you talking about this strategy of the US taking sides in the Shia/Sunni conflict and allowing the other side to be slaughtered?:

    “It’s time to get ‘realistic.’ And the realistic way to settle this is to announce — couched in diplomatic language that makes it seem less vicious than it actually is — that unless the Sunnis disarm immediately, and before the Shi’ite militas do, the US can no longer justify the cost in lives to protect the Sunnis from Shi’ite militas…

    Except for those Shi’ite militiamen who attack US forces, of course. Those should be wiped out mercilessly.

    The warplan should be the opposite of that suggested by Baker…. We should refocus on killing Al Qaeda and Shi’ite militiamen who attack US troops, and let peace seek itself, through the brutal methods by which peace is usually ultimately had….

    In historical reality, populations are “pacified” through extremely brutal, dirty, and nasty means, killed, raped, butchered, and driven out of their homelands until they ultimately lose all hope of military victory and all desire to fight.

    So let the Sunnis be pacified. As the Shi’ites and Kurds may wish…

    In any area where the US is not so welcome by the locals, then they have chosen the manner by which their dispute shall be settled, and such disputes are never settled happily. One side is simply killled and brutalized so badly they’re no longer capable of fighting at all.

    Let that be the victory in Iraq.”

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