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Evening Reading

December 16, 2006

So John Edwards throws his hat in the ring for ’08.  Back Talk remembers some interesting statements by Edwards regarding the "imminent threat" posed by Saddam.

Remember, imminent threat was Edwards words, not President Bush’s. Favorite quotes:

"So did I get misled? No. I didn’t get misled. "

"And as you know, I serve on the Senate Intelligence Committee. So it wasn’t just the Bush administration."

"I think Iraq is the most serious and imminent threat to our country."

Forgot about those? I bet Edwards will wish so too before long. Then again, he can just blame it all on the faulty occupation. That strategy has proved a winner.


Rob Asghar is named Time’s Person of the Year. Interesting. Count Grecula was also named Undead Person of the Year, and Timmy C is commenter of the year.


Looks like Bush is going to double down in Iraq. I think this could be a good idea as politically correct rules of engagement are lifted.

Well that’s my first Instapundit type link fest. This is my first day off since Nov. 27 and I can’t really give this much more effort. Perhaps this can give those inclined a glimpse into my foggy brain.

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