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Assessing Iraq: More of the Same?

January 17, 2007

I encourage my reader(s) to check out this post from Hot Air: Assessing Iraq. I think it’s a very lucid combination of optimism and regret, based on actual observations by someone in Iraq. It is appropriately supported and qualified by the author’s observations and experience.

What’s missing from the the report, despite it’s lengthy list of substantial errors by the Bush administration, is the fuming sense of righteous anger against the Bushies that would serve to validate it to those on the Left. I continued to be fascinated by that phenomenon. Why does emotional bile have to always spill over in one’s critiques of this war? Does it not make more sense to adjust, no matter how late, on the way to a winning strategy?

And by the way, when is something an official failure, as opposed to something having a hard time on the way to being successful?

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