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Fox News Poll: Democrats want defeat

January 18, 2007

I don’t usually know what to make of polls or even Fox News for that matter, but here’s an astounding poll that says only 51% of Democrats want the surge to succeed.

Even though a majority opposes
Bush’s new plan and many are doubtful it can succeed, that does not
mean they want it to fail: 63 percent of Americans say they want the
plan to succeed, including 79 percent of Republicans, 63 percent of
independents and 51 percent of Democrats.

At least it’s not "most" Dems (although the poll says it as a 3% margin of error).

Also interesting that only 25% thought that the "Bush Administration" should influence U.S. decisions on Iraq. So much for that Commander-In-Chief thing.

At the top of the list was "military leaders" (53%). That the "military leaders" now leaving Iraq were telling the "Bush Administration" that their strategy would work for all this time seems to be lost on the public at large. I wonder why?

Now we have Gen. Petraeus – who literally wrote much of the new the counter-insurgency manual, who is  leading the MNF. By all accounts, he’s a brilliant soldier:

As commander of the 101st Airborne, Petraeus saw combat for the first
time during the division’s drive up the Euphrates Valley, with sharp
firefights in Najaf, Karbala and Hilla. But it was during the division’s subsequent occupation of Mosul
and northern Iraq that he won widespread acclaim by resurrecting the
local economy, restoring services and preserving order with strategic
force, which included killing Saddam Hussein‘s two sons. Posters in the division bivouacs read: "What have you done to win Iraqi hearts and minds today?"

It is often said that the Iraq war needs a political solution, not just a military one. That political solution is painfully domestic as well. I can’t believe that people actually want the surge to fail. You can think it might… but to hope for it? God help us. It’s not like it’s only going to be Bush’s problem.


Dean Barnett breaks down the answers to the question:

Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?

Here are the results:


Overall: 63% Yes     22% No         15% Don’t Know

Democrats: 51% Yes     34% No     15% Don’t Know

Republicans:  79% Yes     11% No     10% Don’t Know

Independents 63% Yes     19% No     17% Don’t Know

Friends, I’ll allow you a minute to wrap your minds around this, for
we are truly through the looking class. Even though we have some
150,000 troops in harm’s way and we universally profess to “support the
troops,” over 1/3 of our society either wants them to fail or doesn’t
know if they want them to succeed. Even more chilling are the results
regarding our currently dominant political party. 49% of Democrats
either want us to lose in Iraq or “don’t know” if they want us to

I would love to hear why losing in Iraq would be in the national
interest. And I would love to hear the humanitarian justification for
leaving Baghdad’s civilians to the tender mercies of the murderous
militias and terrorists that stalk that city.

Support the troops but want the mission to fail? What a crock. Want to show how aggressive diplomacy is going to work better? Who lives in the fantasy world now?


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  1. Tim C permalink
    January 19, 2007 9:27 am

    “Who lives in the fantasy world now?”

    People who take this poll seriously do.

    “Do you personally want the Iraq plan President Bush announced last week to succeed?”

    What a loaded and badly written poll question:

    I absolutely guarantee that this was a question designed to get the response it did: scooping up many who don’t “personally want” the Bush escalation to happen at all.

    I guarantee that a better worded question would have gotten a more accurate number.

    Democratic demonizing aside, do you really think that 22% of republicans and 36% of independents really “don’t want” or “don’t know if they want” the Presidents plan to work if it had to happen…

    Next up from Fox:

    National Poll: “Have you Stopped Beating your Wife?”

  2. January 19, 2007 11:32 am

    Tim- You definitely have a point with the wording of the question- as is almost always the case with these questions. It truly does beg for clarification. I’m not sure how this particular question is misleading as you say…

    I’ve also been thinking about the high percentage of Republicans and Independents that answered the question in the negative. Upon reflection, that may be even more discouraging.

    I hope that the reason you give for these answers is the right one. I really do.

    That said, the question is pretty straightforward- “Do you personally want it to succeed”. Not “do you think it will succeed”. I can’t imagine anyone saying they personaly hope the surge will fail for any reason though. That’s crazy.

    Whether it will fail or not is obviously a question ripe for discussion and speculation. That’s a different question.

    Not long ago you were defending the Lancet study. Part of that defense was considerng the political orientation of the people involved in the study. Does that rule only apply to Lancet and not Fox? Even I began my post with a bit of a qualification as to Fox News.

    Incidentally, I don’t often see much of anything linked to Fox news website in my corner of the web. I find there site unreadable just on the basis of poor design, so I almost never look at it. But this tidbit seemed to blatant to pass up.

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