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Quagmire! – Update

January 23, 2007

By popular mandate, I feel required to give a progress report on the state of the floor in my dining room.

The state of my floor is so-so:
Not so clean floor
As you can see, it’s “mission accomplished” time here at the Count’s Manor. After a tough hard slog, the carpet, pad and two layers of non-asbestos containing linoleum have been safely removed and placed in a landfill far away from my house. The lingering issue remains: what to do with the sticky residue left behind, not to mention the lack of finish on the wood, or the fact that it does not match the color of my comfy living room?

After a brief (very brief) consideration of the findings of the Philpot Study Group, I elected not to rent a buffer or further add orange-based chemicals to reduce the effect of the goo. This would have been my preference, I hasten to add, but the Countess was so insistent on the room returning to a “normal use” state, and my time and energy at home is so limited, that I simply conceced to all her demands. The furniture was restored immediately, sticky mess be damned!

After a few days of use however, I noticed a most interesting and welcome phenomenon: the stickiness simply went away. Went away! Or so it seemed to appear. What actually happened is that the dust, sock lint and table crumbs waged a very successful counter-stick operation. To be sure, the floor lacks the sheen I very greatly desire, but for the time being, it is at least better than the spectre of floorboards or joists.

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