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Peace Deal in Iraq

February 3, 2007

Some possible good news via Mudville Gazette:

Baghdad, Jan 28, (VOI) The Sadrist bloc, or members of parliament loyal to Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr, and the Iraqi Islamic Party (Sunni Party). Signed an agreement to set up joint committees in the areas inhabited by a mix of Shiites and Sunnis with the aim of preserving security and cooperating with Iraqi security forces, according to Bahaa al-Aaraji, a Sadrist member of parliament, on Sunday.

Read the whole thing, an article from an independent Iraqi News agency. His commenter notes:

(B)oth these groups have militia or armed members in them. This is why this meeting is significant. As you may have read, last week the members of Parliament loyal to Muqtada have returned to their seats after boycotting the parliament since December. They returned with no (apparent) conditions. A few days ago, these same Sadarists announced that they fully support, with no reservations, the new security plan for Baghdad, which includes the increase in U.S. and Iraqi troops in Baghdad. The Sadarits camp has deffinatly had a change of policy and rhetoric. They are calling for not attacking coalition troops, not retaliating for Sunni Bomb attacks and for allowing the Iraqi and coalition security forces to implement security via the new plan. All this is quite encouraging.

Indeed. Isn’t this what we all want to see? It’s only a step, and it could be temporary, but it’s also possible that the long-awaited political solution could be closer than thought.

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  1. Tim C permalink
    February 4, 2007 3:14 pm

    looks good…but I can’t find word one about this agreement from any other site other than the mudville blog or gateway pundit and the independent iraq news I’d never heard of… have you seen this covered anywhere else?

    if true, hopefully it is…it is a start…at this point any good news is welcome…

  2. February 4, 2007 5:50 pm

    Could be a bunch of bunk… Lord knows it’s happened before.

    Even more likely is that it’s really meaningless… check out the comments in the post at Mudville. Could be just going on good behavior for a while until the heat’s off, could be Mookie positioning himself to influence how Iran is dealt with in the near future.

    A lot of people think Sadr should have been “rubbed out”a long time ago. His life has been spared intentionally, by who I’m not sure. I’m agnostic on this decision. On the one hand, I think it would be good to have him become of the non-violent political process, and not the violent one. On the other hand, the seeds of an Iraqi Hezzbollah could be germinating. I woudn’t cry to much if he was taken out, but I’m not sure what ramifications that action might have. History will tell us what was right.

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