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Blogging Is Light

February 14, 2007

Thanks Tim for the iTunes songs, and for newbie Kathleen for birthday wishes. I’m curious how you found this little corner of the web.

I found my self employed again on Monday with less than 72 hours notice. I’ve been building a head of steam over last week’s news, but unable to find the time to blog. Things should lighten up again in a day or two. Stay tuned!

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  1. Kathleen permalink
    March 15, 2007 9:33 pm

    Ahh, Count Gregula. You find things on the web much like you find things in life…by following intuition and patterns of thought. Honestly, I am not quite sure how I came upon this site…one thing led to another. I find your thoughts very interesting. I do not necessarily take to heart your views on God and religion (being an avowed agnostic at the very least).However, I will keep reading your blog. It is one of those undiscovered corners of life. Perhaps I cannot keep up on it on a daily , weekly or monthly basis (I work, unfortunately, on a computer most of the day..I must face it my eyes are not what they used to be…and I refuse to wear eyeglasses, except in the most dire of circumstances). Please keep posting. You are, perhaps, one of the more thoughtful humans I have discovered on the web thus far.

    Apparently, there are several of your posts that I have missed and I will print them out to read over a good cup of green tea before retiring for the evening.

    Hope to keep up with your musings in a timelier fashion in the future.

    Hoping you are safe from the fires in So Cal.


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