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Feel the Love

March 27, 2007

Callimachus notes that Tony Snow’s cancer news seems to have brought out the more despicable elements of the Left. Assistant Viliage Idiot is looking for examples, say, of Right Winger comments with a similar attitude towards Elizabeth Edwards. Any? AVI had this to say about the Edwards… and Dean Barnett had this to say. Is there anything as kind and elegant on the progressive side of the blogosphere? I want to believe it, but these two seem to say it aint’ so.

I know it’s not fair to generalize but it seems to me that one side is definitely more a class act, the other tends towards crass. Present company excepted of course.

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  1. March 27, 2007 10:54 pm

    I think it’s not so simple.

  2. March 27, 2007 11:04 pm

    Like I said, present company excepted. In a weird way I would actually welcome some examples on the right of despicable comments. I want to feel like on the whole, the two sides have about the same number of low-lifes. I at least think I travel in the more civilized circles of the blogoshpere. This could definitely be a case of holding up “our” best to “their” worst.

    Awaiting the evidence…

  3. Tim C. permalink
    March 29, 2007 4:19 pm

    You wrote:

    “Is there anything as kind and elegant on the progressive side of the blogosphere? I want to believe it, but these two seem to say it aint’ so.”

    Well, they did two things wrong. They quoted blogs that are by no means thought leaders in the progressive communities (they mostly look like sites with about 4 total readers – not that there is anything wrong with that), and on the one exception to that (Crooks and Liars) they quoted “COMMENTS” on those blogs, no the authors themsleves…who knows who the commentors are. Or who the bloggers they found are.

    Let me start this off by giving examples from thought leaders and moderate to huge liberal bloggers… examples Calimachus seems to have not googled or chose not to collect on his site.

    And note unlike the other examples these are all from the blog authors and front page diarists from MAJOR liberal bloggers:

    Josh Marshall, TalkingPoints Memo:

    “Our collective best wishes to Tony Snow. It’s been a sobering several days, with Snow’s cancer recurrence and that of Elizabeth Edwards. It’s a reminder that with all our technology, the best medical care available, which I’m sure both of these two have, we’re still vulnerable to being stricken in the prime of our lives by organic processes emerging from within our own bodies that we cannot control. I admire the bravery of both of them. It reminds you of the need to live every moment, every day and year, at the outer boundary of its possibilities, its potential.”

    Huffington Post Poster RJ Eskow:

    “Before this news came out I saw somebody other than the man I see today. Today I see somebody with a family, somebody who loves guitars like I do, somebody who may be fighting for his life.

    That doesn’t excuse his evasions, or the Administration’s actions. But it does lead me to ask the question: Can we Americans ever restore the spirit of unity that we once shared, if only briefly?

    I don’t have any answers. But as I said at the outset, I wish Tony Snow the best. After all, we’re in this thing together.”

    Imitatio Christi Blog
    (a politically progressive Christian blog)

    “When it comes to political matters, Tony and I are on opposites the vast majority of the time, but when it comes to prayerful support for illness, none of that matters. The latest report on his surgery is not exactly what one might want to hear. So, I invite you to join with me in prayer for Tony’s health and recovery.”


    Sad news from the White House today. Tony Snow’s cancer has not only returned but spread to his liver. Cancer is not a political disease. I feel badly for him. May he keep an optimistic attitude and keep up the fight.


    I’ve read every transcript of every briefing Snow has led, and as regular readers know, I’m not shy about taking him to task when I disagree with his remarks.

    But people obviously come before politics. I’m pulling for him, I applaud his courage and tenacity, and I extend my best wishes to him and his family.

    NewsHounds: is reporting that Tony Snow’s cancer has returned, this time to his liver. We wish the White House spokesman a full and speedy recovery.


    Sad news. The truth is cancer knows no boundaries. I don’t think I know anyone at this point who’s live has not been touched by cancer directly or indirectly…I hope that both Tony Snow and Elizabeth Edwards live long and happy lives.

    Shakespeare’s Sister:

    Constant Comment just emailed me with a sad note: Tony Snow’s cancer has returned. “Tony Snow was off duty Monday to undergo exploratory abdominal surgery. The White House is now reporting that the surgery revealed that Snow’s colon cancer has returned and metastasized into his liver. Snow had his colon removed in 2005, and White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said this morning that Snow is determined to ‘beat’ cancer again.”

    I hope he does. Obviously, liver cancer cancer in the liver is very serious, and he can use lots of good thoughts at the moment.

    MissLaura Front Page Diarist for DailyKos:

    We are tempted to put a political spin on this, but I feel strongly we should refrain from going there…I wish smooth sailing to Tony Snow and his family through the weeks to come.

    I know I can safely say Tony and his family have only the best wishes and good thoughts from those of us here on Dailykos….

    Update: I know I don’t have to tell you all this, but for the occassional troller – We at Dailykos do not swim in the Rush Limbaugh pool of scum. We do not wish ill-health on our political opponents or their families. We at Dailykos give our whole-hearted best wishes and prayers to Tony Snow and his family.

  4. March 29, 2007 4:47 pm

    “We at Dailykos do not swim in the Rush Limbaugh pool of scum.”

    Tim C.,

    You were inches from proving your point. : – )

    Comparing our best to your worst never proves anything.

    Compare President Bush to Nancy Pelosi, John McCain to Jack Murtha, Dick Cheney to Al Gore, Rush Limbaugh to Al Franken, President George H.W. Bush to President Jimmy Carter, Dan Rather to Brit Hume, George Will to David Broder, Dailykos to Tom Maguire, etc..

    Wow, it still doesn’t seem fair.

  5. March 29, 2007 5:07 pm

    Tim- Thanks for the links- I’m not that surprised, and much relieved.

    I’m not convinced there’s an equal amount of bile on the Right in the sense that I’ve yet to see a collection of similar winger quotes attacking Elizabeth Edwards.

    As for Kos, remember “Srew them”. Heartless, and never really apologized for,
    remarks removed too. The Democrats should be ashamed to have anything to do with this guy.

  6. Tim C. permalink
    March 29, 2007 11:25 pm

    Glad you aren’t “too surprised” and relieved, from the earlier prominent liberal bloggers quotes…

    You added:

    “I’m not convinced there’s an equal amount of bile on the Right in the sense that I’ve yet to see a collection of similar winger quotes attacking Elizabeth Edwards.”

    OK, here are exactly analogous ones, from smaller lesser known blogs and comments from larger ones.

    Free republic commenters:

    “No need to worry that E. will be “alone” while Breck Girl is out campaigning. I’m sure that gazillion-dollar mansion will be fitted with all kinds of servants, plus private nurses, nutritionists, fitness coaches; nannies for the kids, tutors, cooks, maids, and gardeners. Elizabeth Edwards will go out in style.”

    Another commentor responds:

    “That’s pretty cold.
    But you gotta admit post [above] was probably pretty accurate, as unpretty as the reality of the facts may be.”

    later from another:

    “Pony Boy is such a huge fan of nationalized health care. Let’s see him drop her off a a local “not for profit” butcher shop and trust in the goobermint. ”

    and from another:

    “I agree. With all her past treatments, etc., shouldn’t the cancer be working on her third breast by now?”

    Right Wing News:(from the author not a commentor)

    “But I can’t help feel that Edwards press conference was nothing but a crass, unfeeling attempt to exploit his wife’s suffering for his own political career…. I say that, to say this…looking through the lists of ‘efforts’ Elizabeth Edwards is credited with I see the kind of self-serving “poor me” articles, books and such that flood bookstores and internet sites and seem to be copies of each other… I have to stop and wonder about those that will only write about it [as Elizabeth Edwards did]if people will go and buy the book, especially when they’re already making more money each year than many Americans would see in their entire lifetime….Y’know what would prove me wrong? If Elizabeth Edwards agreed to release her book, Saving Graces: Finding Solace and Strength from Friends and Strangers, online for free to encourage others. It’s not that the Edwardses need money.”

    and then in the comments:

    “Her alleged relapse, you mean… here we have a floundering campaign pretty clearly headed NOWHERE, and out of nowhere comes all this free publicity. Well, an unexpected “relapse” could suddenly go into “remission” just as easily, couldn’t it?”

    and another posts:

    “…If I were a cancer specialist and he and his wife showed up at my door, I think I’d have to take a pass and tell them to find someone else to be their patsy.”

    and later another comment:

    “They [john and elizabeth] are the poster “scum” of the MSM, and are “trotted” out there for pandering to the useful idiot entitlent mentality fools of this country.”
    Edwards is just another phony empty suit, just like Osama, and Hitlery!”

    Rush Limbaugh, (not some no name blogger) the day after the Elizabeth Edwards cancer announcement:

    “[M]ost people, when told a family member’s been diagnosed with the kind of cancer Elizabeth Edwards has, they turn to God. The Edwards turned to the campaign. Their religion is politics and the quest for the White House.”


  7. March 30, 2007 12:04 am

    AVI responds quite well to the Limbaugh quote above (this to say). I think Limbaugh is defensible on this point.

    The weakness of your examples only proves my point even more. There is simply no comparison to the vitriol unleashed by the Left in the examples by Callimachus. Now certainly that could be explained by you not finding the quotes, but I think objectively that the wish for someone to die is too often expressed by Liberal commenters.

    Take for instance the avanlanche of hatred spewed on the Huffington Post regarding the attempt on the Vice President’s life. There’s simply no analogue at a major conservative site.

    I know this is getting into subjective territory at some level, and commenters are almost always worse than the major bloggers, but I’ve never seen hate mail like Michelle Malkin gets.

    I also acknowledge it’s not fair to hold writers responsible for their commenters, but it is worth noting. Also, too many of the Liberal people I work with are quite harsh with their comments regarding the President etc.

  8. Tim C permalink
    March 30, 2007 3:01 pm

    Yeah it is subjective:

    I’d see the “I hope he dies” anonymous comments is pretty synonymous to “If i were a cancer specialist, I wouldn’t treat her” is pretty much the same wish.

    I’d say, “She’s a liar just doing this fake cancer thing for her husbands career” is pretty much synonymous with “I just don’t believe Tony Snow had surgery or that he has cancer again. I think he wanted to quit and this is how they are spinning it.”

    I’d say: “I bet you’ll look GREAT bald!” is roughly synonymous to “shouldn’t cancer be working on her third breast by now?”

    I’d say: “But maybe he’d be up for trial to see if ‘faith based’ cancer treatments work?”
    is roughly equal to “Let’s see him drop her off a a local “not for profit” butcher shop and trust in the goobermint.”

    I’d say: “Too bad so sad. No doubt all of those lies finally caught up with Tony and spilled over to infect his liver..Bye Tony”
    is roughly equal to “No need to worry that E. will be “alone” while Breck Girl is out campaigning….Elizabeth Edwards will go out in style.”

    Saying: “I can say that frankly, I’m not crying any tears for Tony Snow, who we have watched lying shamelessly to the entire country for the last year.” isn’t that far from “She and her husband are just “empty suits like Osama and Hitlery.”

    But maybe that is just me.

    Lastly, On Rush’s slam…

    Let’s start with the fact that Elizabeth and John Edwards are both self-identified Christians.

    When someone like Rush who does not know them, and does not know how deeply or not they looked to God for comfort and for guidance before accusing them of NOT reaching out to God after hearing the cancer news it is actually indefensible.

    Declaring that “their religion is politics” without knowing them intimately is just not defensible slander.

    I see no way that I can imagine to see that statement other than being a mean, defamatory slam on a woman who just announced her cancer.

  9. March 30, 2007 11:24 pm

    It is mean. When people have cancer, you say nice things to them, or you keep a lid on it.

    Your are also correct that the statements you compare are roughly equivalent. I have no problem with that. I still haven’t seen the avalanche of venom like the HuffPo post on Cheney.

    Also, AVI makes a good point in his post when he quotes the Edwards saying this:

    “This is what we believe in. This is what we’re spending our lives doing. It’s where our heart and soul is. And we can not stop.”

    I wouldn’t go as far as Rush (who I never listen to BTW) but I think a reasonable reading of these people is that they are primarily political. Charitably you could say they are “called” to the campaign. Nobody will ever call them Christianists for it though is my guess. Or Godbags.

    It also seems reasonable to believe that Elizabeth Edwards may have been responsible for, or at least in a position to know about the hiring of Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon. Yes Edwards is part of Call to Action. But she thought Ms. Pandagon would be OK. But that’s another thread…

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