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Martini Blogging Gen. Petraeus on Fox

September 10, 2007

It’s a different kind of September 10th this year.

I had planned today to write a lament for September 10th 2001. Lament comes easy to me, as does the tendency to look at the past obsessively. But today turned out different.

At last, after what seems like years of bad news and gloom, there’s a little bit of light. I celebrate that. In fact, I’m sitting here now having downed a 3 oz. martini (Bombay Gin, 3 olives) watching Gen. Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker on Fox News with Brit Hume. I know this war has been harder than the Bush Administration thought. There’s still a lot of hard times ahead. Serious mistakes have been made. Today is different though.

Today, for the first time in a few years- the first time since I’ve been blogging – today, I can look forward, not back. That’s huge. Today, maybe, just maybe, the mistakes of the past are not as big as the hope of the future. And more importantly, maybe more of my fellow Americans can start to see that.

Not that this means the future is good for Republicans. Tigherhawk wonders if today is a win-win for the Democrats. Dean Barnett is also willing to go down with the ship as long as our objectives are met in Iraq. I’m much of the same mind.

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