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And the monkey will lay down with the dove

September 14, 2007

Monkey and Pidgeon

The monkey and his friend

Some hot words went down in comments of the previous post- as always much to my surprise. As much as I would like things to stay calm cool and collected, it’s proven very hard to write much that doesn’t provoke criticism and anger, criticism that can frustrate me to the point of anger as well. I’m not sure what to say except that it’s a widespread phenomenon that crosses all sorts of personal bonds that I thought would prove a lot stronger. I still hope for some kind of understanding, but that day looks farther and farther away.

I lament these days, where this issue of the war in particular has divided friends and Americans of good will, set in their talking points which seem to go by like tracer bullets that never hit their mark. I have tried to hold a nuanced view while hoping and looking for success and victory in Iraq. I know that to my anti-war friends I appear as strident, partisan and stubborn as they appear to me.

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