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Things To Do While Not Blogging

November 3, 2007

1. Celebrate 10 years of blessed Marriage to the fantasmic Countess.

2. Read and savor Robert D. Kaplan’s “Hog Pilots, Blue Water Grunts

3. Worry about your industry of choice shutting down for 6 months or more.

4. Re-fi your house out of the hideous option-Arm loan “The worst loan in America” you took in a panic.

5. Help your mother look for a car after she totaled it.

6. Search for a pastor for your church after it disaffiliated from the Episocpal Church and will almost certainly lose it’s property in a couple years.

7. Party like it’s 1999 in Vancouver (wrap party), Beverly Hills (very posh 40 year Anneversary celebration for millionaire friend) and San Fransisco (oldest/best friends lavish wedding).

8. Realize that no one gives a shit what you think: why waste the pixels?

9. Get driven to your knees in prayer.

10. Chores.

I had such high hopes starting this blog. I’ve come to realize though that some things are better left unsaid. Good writing is much harder than conversation, and as millinerd points out “”The anatomy of a blog makes serious conversation all but impossible.”

The gravest disappointment is that after all the thought put into this, I feel like my basic premises and temperament have been missed. There has not been, too often, a genuine conversation but rather snippets of talking points and skew points that only appear to intersect each other. I feel like my main passions have only been touched on lightly. Perhaps I will have lots of time in the new year to articulate them as the writer’s strike slowly chokes of my livelihood.

Rather than angry, I am mostly anxious and especially alone, as I have no one except the Countess to talk to about matters political. A little bit of disagreement is good but too much is bad for the soul. I long for human understanding.

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  1. November 11, 2007 5:52 pm

    Don’t lose hope, Count. Writing for oneself is good for ones soul.

    I’m willing to bet you have changed more than one of your own personal opinions after having to explain the opinion with a keyboard. I know I have.

    We live our lives and we write when we need to explain an idea to ourselves.

    I also bet that even Tim C. has a few doubts or second thoughts from time to time.

  2. December 1, 2007 11:17 pm

    Glad you’re still blogging, Count.


    Your left-wing pinko commie friend from the east.

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