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February 26, 2008

Finally, I’m at home again after an absolutely grueling 3 months or so. The responsibilities have piled high here in my absence as well, and I don’t see blogging in my former blood-letting style as much of a possibility. There’s just too much life to live.

Somewhere in this past year a big shift has taken place in my soul greatly decreasing the desire to blog. It may be my perception that the war has begun to go well, and the need to talk myself into a positive state – or whatever you can call the rants of the past couple years- has been taken away accordingly. It may be that the discussion here has fallen so far below what I hoped that further interaction seemed futile, if not outright destructive. Whatever it is, a moment has passed, and I may not get it back.

I have great concerns about the future of this country, and Western culture in general, but my ability to express those concerns has proven to be so time-consuming and emotionally difficult that I see now way to keep it up in the way I thought I would. However, giving up the blog is not the only option. I just need to keep it brief.

For now, I direct your attention to The Count’s Reading list at the top of the sidebar. It’s my shared items from Google Reader, which you can subscribe to here or in Google Reader if you are my “friend”.

I’d like to try going more to the instapundit style of many links and little commentary. We’ll see how that goes. I probably won’t be working again for another 10 weeks or so.

What haunts me is that I feel like I rarely ever got into what is really important to me here. Perhaps the way forward is to forgo current events altogether and just stay back with the big picture where I’m most comfortable. The conflict there for me is that I’ve realized that there is no safe haven in abstract concepts. The world we live in demands concrete action.

The conflict between abstract philosophy and the reality of specific actions has been the source of a great deal of angst not only for me but for all my readers and I think our country. Our genial process we have been for so long accustomed to has been severely shaken. I’ve tried to listen to and give voice to that anxiety, only to find that it does not assuage certain people but only makes things worse. Indeed I’ve emerged from all this shaken and discouraged about political discussion to a degree I never would have anticipated.

In short, I have a lot to learn. Perhaps I will continue to share that process, not by articulating my self what I’m going through, but pointing more to those with better gifts. We’ll see.

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  1. February 28, 2008 4:53 pm


    What have you been doing for three months and why won’t you be working for the next ten weeks?

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