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A Simple Conservative Message – Victor Davis Hanson

May 16, 2008

This starter list of ideas for Conservatives to run on in the fall seem to me to be nothing more than common sense. Perhaps that’s why I see my self as less ideological than I’m sure others see me. Go see for yourself.
Here’s his quick take on the war:

Afghanistan and Iraq have radically improved. Anti-war hype and slurs are a year out of date. We are finally on the edge of having done the impossible: removed the most odious regimes in the Middle East and fostered constitutional governments in their places. Spending on general defense and the war still run at only 4% of GDP, not high by historical levels. The reforming Petraeus army is stronger and wiser, despite the toll of war, for our ordeals in the Middle East. As troops slowly begin to come home next year, let everyone take credit for it.

The news has dramatically improved over the past year. Will anyone notice or care?

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