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The Democrat Decafecta

May 24, 2008

Oops. Forgot to hit publish a couple weeks ago on this one…

Powerline reports that Rassmussen finds that the Democrats are now trusted more by voters on all ten major issue clusters. I’m not a big believer in polls, but that overwhelming kind of finding is impossible to discount fully. The Republican brand is in freefall.

Republicans nose-diving per se is of no real concern to me- I’ve never been one to indentify with Republicans as a brand or lifestyle choice. But as the only party where conservatives are welcome, I’ve had no other place to go. The Democratic party is simply hostile to a great deal of my world view. So the idea of large numbers of people somehow converting to those ideas en masse greatly concerns me.

The only hopeful idea I could take away from this news is this:

What’s odd about this is that the Democrats’ actual policies are not preferred by many of these same respondents. Rasmussen also reports that 60% of likely voters say that tax increases will hurt the economy. Interestingly, this sentiment is strongest among young voters, 70% of whom think tax increases will damage the economy. Presumably a large majority of voters realize that the Democrats are yearning to raise taxes, so it is hard to reconcile this finding with respondents’ expressed preference for Democrats on this issue.

Go figgure. As he says “consistency is not required”, and in an emotional age, perceptions are reality.

As I observed in my previous post, the bias in the media against Republicans- even a moderate maverick like John McCain- is so overwhelming, it’s no wonder they are hated as caricatures and are being disassociated from in large numbers. But after a certain point – and this is that point – you can’t blame enough on the media to account for this shift. What to blame then? To me this question is just crazymaking. Sometimes breakups come for deep reasons, other times you just have to accept that “maybe she’s just not that into you”, and it needn’t go deeper than that.

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