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Jesus Christ and the United States Marine

May 25, 2008
I remember hearing several years ago someone say “There are only two people who have given their life for you: Jesus Christ and the United States Marine”. I found it quite shocking at the time but as the years have gone by I’ve come to appriciate the truth in that statement. One doesn’t need to deify fallen soldiers to see that their sacrifice to protect the weak, the innocent, and sometimes even the ungrateful- does have a type of match in the work of Christ. That there are differences between the two goes without saying. That there are similarities- positively so- often goes unremarked. What is far more commonplace is to disparage the work of the soldier as somehow unseemly for the Christian unless it is for certain politically correct uses.

For me, I’ve come to realize that the American soldier who has given his life for others, whatever his religion, is worthy of special praise.

Thanks be to God for all those who have fallen on our behalf. May Your grace and peace be upon them and the loved ones they’ve left behind.


“In 1975, I sat against a monument in Battery Park in New York and read a name cut into stone among a list of the dead.”

Gerard Van der Leun tells the story of the name he shares in one of his most moving posts. Stop by and read it all.

Austin Bay reminds us to remember – and honor – those who fight on our behalf:

“We’re a military at war, not a nation at war,” the lieutenant colonel said ever so quietly but harshly as he leaned across the table at an Austin, Texas-area Rotary Club luncheon. “We’re a military at war, not an entire country,” the newly promoted Marine major said vehemently, in the confines of a classroom at the USMC Command and Staff College at Quantico, Va.

“You know what the problem is, Col. Bay. We’re here at war, and the rest of the country is on its butt,” the operations sergeant said to me.

Let’s review the timeline. The lieutenant colonel said that to me in spring 2006. The Marine major said that to me the first week of May 2008. As for the ops sergeant, his blunt instrument of an observation hails from summer 2004, delivered in and around Baghdad and delivered often.

Sure I’m here on my butt blogging. Call me a chickenhawk if you like but I would rather be doing something to show my appreciation and support since I am too old blind and fat to do much else.

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