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Cheer Up- the Worst is Yet to Come

June 4, 2008

Lipstick on a pig, if you ask me.

What we’re in for:

Democrats would be able to dispatch a cavalry of young judicial reinforcements to renew the effort to push the courts ever further to the left. Some form of socialized medicine would be implemented. President Obama would in all likelihood fulfill his pledge to pull out of Iraq. Taxes would go up. Farm subsidies increase. State-level efforts to establish gay marriage by undemocratic fiat would find eager accomplices in Congress and the Justice Department. Draconian taxes on energy use — often hidden behind cap-and-trade schemes — would be implemented in the name of combating global warming. The “Fairness Doctrine” might be restored to silence conservative media. There are even rumors that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pondering legislation that would require dogs to take orders from cats.

But it won’t work, so it will eventually be OK. Maybe so. It’s just politics after all.

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