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A Shorter Count/Tim C. Debate

July 28, 2008

The Count: “Isn’t it hypocritical that the Dems advocated John Kerry in 2004 in virtue of his military experience, and now they want to de-value it in 2008 vis-a-vis John McCain? After all, he was right about the surge/counter-insurgency strategy when no one else was, especially Barack Obama.”

Tim C.: “Barack didn’t bash McCain’s service and besides, this election is now officially about the future, not the past”.

The Count: “Dude, I said de-value, not bash (even though there was a bit of bashing) …anyway look at all the ways Obama was wrong about the surge…isn’t that relevant to his future judgment? How about that?”

Tim C. “Obama has always supported more troops in Afghanistan. Take that back!”

The Count: “Huh?”

Tim C.: “Huh yourself!”

The Count: “…  ”

Rob: “That’s it asshole. Outpatient orifice scheduling for you!”

The Count: “Yikes you scared me… WTF??? Hey,  thought you weren’t even listening!”

Rob: “I can’t endure this endless taunting!!”

The Count: “Ok whatever, just know that “my orifice is always there for you” stuff is, like, a joke, dude, a joke. Let’s chillax. I’m getting overly-anxious about all this election stuff. What d’ya say?”

Tune in next week for Rob’s exciting response!!!!

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