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A Day of Evil

September 11, 2008


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  1. David permalink
    September 14, 2008 10:26 am

    What a shame that this administration squandered the collective good will of this nation. After 9/11, this country was galvanized. ‘Get Bin Laden’, ‘Get the Taliban out of Afghanistan’, ‘bring them to justice’, we all said.

    But quickly, the neo-cons changed its direction and its focus onto the wrong enemy. Bush went from ‘I want him, dead or alive’ to ‘I am truly not concerned about him.’ So much for justice and the families who lost loved ones on that horrible day.

    What happened to bringing him to justice? The Saudi support of this maniac, who was once on ‘our side’ during the cold war. Oh yes, we’ve started looking for him again because it is an election year.

    Then theres the April 2003 offer by Iran to open up its nuclear program to outside inspection, and to stop funding Hamas and Hezbollah (both regarded by the US as terrorist groups). Cheney, against the wishes of the State department, rejected the offer because ‘we don’t talk to evil’. This offer was brokered by the Swiss. I bring this up, because our administration does not have our best interests at heart. The neocon agenda is bankrupting our country, and you, me and our children will foot the bill.

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