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Pelosi is a Disgrace

October 3, 2008

Sorry, call it party politics, but this is plain truth telling to me, and I’m pissed.  Not as a reluctant Republican, but as an American, I’m pissed.  Compare the two press conferences given this morning after the “bail out” plan was passed by Congress — Bush’s and Pelosi’s. Anybody else notice a difference?  The President starts off by naming Senator Pelosi and other Dems in congress and thanking them by name.

Apparently, Pelosi’s hatred of Bush and his administration and contrasting love of her own party uber alis is so deeply ingrained, so psychotically tenacious, that she can’t bring herself to even mention the President’s key role in bringing about a resolution to (God willing) save our economy.  And she cannot resist trumping almost exclusively the names of her fellow Dems like Barney Frank (can somebody please shine that freakin’ “bright light of accountability” on that man?) and self-promoting “us” whilst paying only the faintest lip-service to the actual “bi-partisan” nature of the vote.

Put this together with how she risked tanking the entire process with her idiotic, childish partisan attacks right before the vote the other day, and you have a picture of somebody with no clue about what the word “statesman” (or “statesperson” to be PC) means.  Classless — and worse, recklessly regardless of the health of the nation — Pelosi is a dangerous disgrace to her position.  And Harry Reid, with his public rumor-mongering the other day about nameless companies going out of business, as reported by CNN, is not impressing me either. 

Tell me again why setting these people loose on our economic policy is going to get us out of this slump? Five words:

Change We Cannot Believe In.

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  1. October 3, 2008 5:58 pm

    You know what? I’m pretty pissed at the Republicans too. What a bunch of whiners.

    Congress gets a vote of no-confidence. They can’t help but lard up even an important bill like this one. Sickening.

    Even more sickening is the way this is getting pitched as an exclusively Republican-created problem. It looks like we are poised to learn the exact wrong lessons from this situation: it was compassionate-minded social engineering applied to economic policy that got us into this mess, NOT the free market. The free market was tampered with and exploited with by those with power and now the American people are going to pay the price. 700B is just the beginning.

    An Barack is just hanging back voting present. I’m disgusted. He thinks he can just run out the clock until he’s president. He gave little to no input in this process. That’s no leadership. What a joke. And then he says he’ll take a look at it in January and “demand” changes if need be? Why wait? The time to demonstrate leadership is now and he can’t or won’t do it.

    McCain has not exactly shined either. He needs to cut the crap and start shooting and taking no prisoners if he wants to win. He warned about this in 2005 (same time as he started proposing his counter-insurgency doctrine used in the surge) as was shot down by Barney Frank and others now pointing the finger!

    Nobody’s in charge. Everyone is feeding from the sickening trough. Even if McCain is elected – ever more unlikely- how much could he do?

    People will continue voting to line their own pockets until there is nothing left if we’re not careful. FEH and double FEH!

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