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You’re Welcome, Senator

October 16, 2008

“100 percent, John, of your ads — 100 percent of them have been negative. “

Barack Obama, Presidential Debate, Wed. Oct 14th

YouTube – Pure class: “Convention Night” McCain congratulates Obama on Obama’s historic receiving of the Democratic nomination

You’re welcome Senator.

100%? Really? What a jerk.

This loathsome exchange really typified for me the hypocritical depths to which the Obama campaign has sunk, for which he will never be called on for but rather encouraged to continue by his supporters and the media.

MCCAIN: It’s not true.

OBAMA: It absolutely is true. And, now, I think the American people are less interested in our hurt feelings during the course of the campaign than addressing the issues that matter to them so deeply.

And later:

MCCAIN: But again, I did not hear a repudiation of Congressman…

OBAMA: I mean, look, if we want to talk about Congressman Lewis, who is an American hero, he, unprompted by my campaign, without my campaign’s awareness, made a statement that he was troubled with what he was hearing at some of the rallies that your running mate was holding, in which all the Republican reports indicated were shouting, when my name came up, things like “terrorist” and “kill him,” and that you’re running mate didn’t mention, didn’t stop, didn’t say “Hold on a second, that’s kind of out of line.”

And I think Congressman Lewis’ point was that we have to be careful about how we deal with our supporters.


MCCAIN: You’ve got to read what he said…


OBAMA: Let — let — let…

MCCAIN: You’ve got to read what he said.

OBAMA: Let me — let me complete…

SCHIEFFER: Go ahead.

OBAMA: … my response. I do think that he inappropriately drew a comparison between what was happening there and what had happened during the civil rights movement, and we immediately put out a statement saying that we don’t think that comparison is appropriate.

And, in fact, afterwards, Congressman Lewis put out a similar statement, saying that he had probably gone over the line.

The important point here is, though, the American people have become so cynical about our politics, because all they see is a tit- for-tat and back-and-forth. And what they want is the ability to just focus on some really big challenges that we face right now, and that’s what I have been trying to focus on this entire campaign.

It’s plain to see what’s going on here if one only has the eyes to see. McCain is portrayed as a sissy for mentioning the human fact that he was hurt by the absolutely outrageous accusation of racism by a man McCain had just days earlier said he respected immensely and would listen to in his administration (a tactic I might add that has been used by a particular commenter here on more than one occasion).

Then after saying it’s not an issue people want to spend time on, Obama repeats and amplifies the accusation – made by a single reporter, not backed up by audio or the witness of the Secret Service. Then, the explanation goes, Congressman Lewis is exempt from much criticism because he was “unprompted” by the campaign, while the anonymous McCain supporter- who could have, if they really existed, been a plant- is not exempted because of the supposed rhetoric of the McCain campaign.

Obama never denounces Lewis, only saying it was an “inappropriate” connection, rather than the race-stoking hatred inducing rhetoric it is. If he said it, it’s only because Palin and McCain are so unbalanced in their rhetoric. This from the post-racial candidate.

Obama makes no effort to stop the flames and hides his efforts to fan them as putting them out. Sickening.

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  1. Timmy C permalink
    October 16, 2008 2:27 pm

    Obama was referring to this study, saying that since — and up till now — McCain HAS been running 100% negative ads focused on Obama.

    He’s not saying McCain has NEVER once run a positive ad on what McCain wants to do for the country. But right now and for the last while, it’s gone 100% negative.

  2. Toayminator permalink
    October 16, 2008 9:59 pm

    Why is it that any ad that accurately portrays a democrat’s ACTUAL voting record, or REAL ALLIANCES with real radicals, is called a “negative” or “attack” ad? At what point did telling the truth become hateful?

    Truth is hate to those that hate truth.


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