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November 10, 2008
Freeze, sucka

Freeze, sucka

With all the hoopla about change ricocheting through our society like a Teflon bullet, I thought I’d pitch in and do my part.

First off, away goes the blogroll. A few shall return in time, but each needs to be evaluated. Perhaps a modest series will result as I reinstate. Even more interesting might be a series on the ones I do not reinstate.

Second, a new look. Time to class up the joint a bit. Let me know if it’s not readable for you.

Third, a new tag line “Obsession in search of purpose”. That’s a purpose for this blog, not my life sucka. The society for the politically incontinent may return, but I’m going to be thinking and blogging about other things as well. IF I continue. Life in meat space beckons by the hour. I kind of like “Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge“, but I may be over-thinking this all too much.

In the meantime, I recommend checking out my shared articles page at I may just start linking and offer minimal commentary, but that’s always been less interesting to me, although probably much easier to do.

I have a feeling though that my days of venturing into specifics may be coming to a close. My interest has always been in more big-picture topics but I see that as a weakness, not a strength. Nuts and bolts real-life decisions also interest me greatly. In that respect, the target-rich environment of the Obama regime may be too much to resist. Still, I do welcome the opportunity to demonstrate what loyal opposition looks like.

I think it would be much more constructive for me personally, and perhaps my handful of readers, to make an effort to praise what is good and reconnect with my positive passions. That generally has been proven to be bad for readership though; I’ve found that even the briefest criticism can provoke impassioned responses while the more lengthy introspective or philosophical pieces go unread and uncommented upon- no doubt like this one. Maybe that’s a good thing as I’ve found too many comments here annoying and unhelpful. People don’t usually comment to agree (although I do hear it off line from time to time).

In general, there’s a conversation I’d like to have that I haven’t had yet. Maybe it’s not possible. No one’s fault in particular, just the reality of the world we live in.

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