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300 Posts

February 24, 2009

This is my 300th post. Unlike most of my efforts, I’m not going to sweat it too much.

Here’s the meager stats as I understand them: The First Post published 9/25/05.

Posts on the War: 129 (give or take).

Unpublished drafts: 70. I guess you could say then I have 370 posts “created or saved” in the current Presidential formulation. Some of them are quite good and were left unpublished totally by mistake. Some great titles too: Denial of Sanity Attack; I Don’t Hate Hillary Clinton; The Quiet Deletions of Mr. Asghar; Remembering GWB. Water under the bridge now.

Busiest day: Nov. 5, 2008: 229 views. I had nothin’ for ya either! I have a hard time commenting and participating at the same time.

Most read: Duke of Ray’s Obama Iconography (nearing 1,000 views due to the cool pic. For some reason, this post rates high in Google images).

Second place: It’s a Mac, Mac, Mac, Mac World, also thanks to google images (nearly 500 and counting).

Third Place: Some Thoughts on Jerry Fallwells Passing, mostly I’m sure because of the bad “Osama, Obama and you’re mama” joke. (About 450)

Fourth: the first post dear to my heart SSG Paul Barclay: Memorial Day Thoughts. Perfect anytime of year (although I need to update some info after talking to his parents). (About 350).

My favorite post: Whatever Mistakes We’ve Made, Nothing Can Compare With the Mistake of Quitting in Iraq. This post also has one of the best discussions we’ve had, and was a real clarifying moment for me. The argument that Tim was making, IMHO, was ultimately intellectually incoherent and all about protecting Obama. Not completely without merit mind you, but an excellent example of  saying a lot of nothing. It sure worked for the campaign though!

If I have any consolation though, it’s that subsequent events have validated my point of view that has so far been deliciously satisfying. I was right about so much, an my opponents here were so wrong.

So I heap scorn upon you. Scorn and mockery and glib dismissal and haughty superiority I hope really gets under your skin and bugs the crap out of you. Because in the end you compassionate internationalists, so concerned about the well being of the Iraqi people voted to get out of dodge as fast as possible, consequences be damned, and consequences certainly not to be blamed on your unceasing opposition, obstruction and sabotage of the war. I fart in your general direction. You never contributed one positive word to the prospect of victory. You never contributed one idea that didn’t amount to letting the Iraqi’s hang out on there own, so that when they failed you could say you had no choice but to leave. It was in incoherent strategy, the very opposite of what was needed and what in the end worked. The “pitiless crowbar of events” had it’s way.

Obama won the election though, and I hope that is of great consolation to all of you. I personally hope to see the man transformed (it is already happening) into a much more responsible leader and rhetorician of war.  If he doesn’t mess it up to bad, and with Robert Gates and Gen. Petraeus I have no reason to think he won’t, in addition to fundamental human decency, I think the ownership of the War could have great long-term consequences. I hope. Against hope, perhaps, but hope nonetheless. Barack Obama is my President too, and I consider it my duty as a Christian and an American to pray for his success- and not get too specific about it. He needs wisdom and humility and strength just like any person in that job would, especially in these times. His success will be our success.


If I have any regrets, it is for certain parts of the recent presidential debate, especially towards the end regarding the financial meltdown. It was too soon to make a judgement, and I am still trying to figgure it all out. That doesn’t mean the heaping of blame on the Republicans should go unchallenged though.


Lessons learned

Well certainly I have learned that the more I attack, say Barack Obama, the more people feel compelled to defend. If I wax philosophical, those posts tend to go uncommented on. It’s sad because that’s really what I’m interested in. It’s very easy to get pulled in to tit-for-tat debates that go nowhere.

Telling people what you really think doesn’t really play very well- just as I feared in my first post.

I don’t post enough. I have provided an incomplete picture and in many ways invited scorn and contempt through omission of pertinent counter-factuals that might put myself in a more reasonable light. Then again, screw you! I’m going to write about what I want to, not what Tim or anyone else wants me to. Still again, I do invite discussion and have at least some obligation to join it when offered in good faith. Yet again I have the right to call out things I think are out of order.


Today I’m at a bit of a crossroads. I’ve tried to get all worked up about he future of the GOP, but for some reason I just can’t. Probably a bit of the elitist left in me. Maybe, it’s just not my cup of tea. Then again, I was never about reciting long passages of Bush’s speeches etc. I admit I love the guy but it’s not like I hung on every word. It just wasn’t that way.

By the same token, I don’t want to devote my time and energy to attacking Barack Obama. The election is over. I think it could be an interesting time to model how to be the “loyal oppositon”. Then again, screw him and the horse he rode in on. I can’t really decide how to go on this one.

Part of it is I to this day don’t have a real good sense for who our President is. Perhaps I’m just resisting as much as I can my own lyin’ eyes. He will also need a few months to get his sea legs in office. The signs so far are not good. I’m not the only one to sense this either.

It’s a hard thing, politics. Talking about it, “doing” it- it’s all a bit crazy making, and I am certainly no exception. I have found it difficult to say much of anything in an unqualified way, which I am always annoyed by. Make your yes a yes and your no a no.

Well I’m past 1,000 words about 900 to many. Thanks for reading and don’t be like me keep it pithy here at the society for the politically incontinent. Clear? Good.

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