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Obama’s School Speech

September 7, 2009

The Countess just finished reading the text of the school speech for tomorrow, and concluded as I had that it’s really no big deal. If the President wants to spend his time admonishing kids to wash their hands, go for it. Obama voter Ann Althouse has already picked it apart, noting among other things, that it’s ten times longer than the Gettysburg Address… but is it ten times as good?

What seemed weird to me in a Dear Leader way was the study materials – probably doomed to be ignored by most classrooms is my guess – that had some question about how the studendt “could help the President”. That’s just weird to me. The President should be there to ask the kids how to help their country. Not him. I’m pretty sure I would feel that way if the roles were reversed.

There’s enough real controversy without manufacturing more. I mean, the guy is President… he gets to do stuff like this if he wants. Get over it. Still, as Dr. Helen notes, there is a certain… lightweight quality to Obama’s remarks. That’s the trap with talking to kids. Still I think there could have been a way to make them more profound and coherent: by shortening them. That will work wonders, even if you are the One.

Hot Air analyzes Obama’s speech and a similar one to kids by President Reagan (see a Republican did the same thing!… and Democrats complained… probably more justifiably.) What ever. It’s the 1st day of school tomorrow and I don’t even think our school has enough AV equipment to make it happen. It’s just a blip, and I tend to think the first Black President telling kids to do the right things is overall a good thing.

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  1. September 8, 2009 11:31 am

    Actually, having heard a bit of the speech today, I think it’s terrific that he said that America is a place where you could end up beyond where you started if you work hard. If George W. had given the same speech to kids, conservatives would be cheering… and liberals would yawn or complain. But what’s most important is the kids. Obama’s challenge to them to do their best in school could have tremendous power (especially) amongst black and Latino kids living in the city, where any of us who’ve worked with these urban kids knows too well that an anti-educational victim mentality has held them back for far too long. These kids would’ve yawned at a white guy telling them this, but a black man (and one not born with a silver spoon in his mouth) who has become the highest office holder in the world..? This is what I was hoping we’d see from this historic presidency.

    I’ll still fight his wrong-headed, Even Bigger Gov’t policies in health care, etc., but for this speech the President deserves largely kudos.

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